For a long time, this has been put and programmed into my brain:

"There's no shortcut to success" and there's no get rich quick program.

After watching a video, something made sense to me.

Entering a system "Hoping" to get rich instantly, is doomed to failure: it's like spending money to go to the gym, pay for the 500$ annual fee, then never to back to the gym again, "Hoping" you'll lose fat and make muscles.

Education, on the other end, is some sort of shortcut. You could spend years trying to figure out how to do something, or you could pay someone that already done it before and mentor you so that you get better at it. This makes sense.

Would it makes sense to have a system, combined with a mentor, to teach you how to reach a 6 figure income faster?

After watching this video, I think it would make a lot more sense to help people get to a 6 figure income faster than anything else that came before.

They claim to be the World's first internet business franchise and I believe, with what I saw inside the system and 5 years in internet market, that it'll truly make a difference Worldwide.

Enjoy the show!

Those 3 factors that makes it right to join are:
- Timing.
- Opportunity.
- Team.

(1) Timing

There's many ways to see when is the good timing. In my opinion, the good timing is always NOW. You either take it or leave it. 

If you like gold rushes, being there in the beginning seems logical, but an heavy percentage of start-ups don't go past 4 years. Being there when the company has a proven track record and keep having an increase in growth.

A logical timing would be 4-5+ years track record with increased growth and the launch of a new product.

(2) Opportunity

More like timing, you take it or leave it. When you feel that a good opportunity knocks at your door, it's time for you to seize it. Like mentioned earlier, a good track record is something to account for. You could use your guts, try something new, but if you currently are working an opportunity, please, don't fall for new shiny ball syndorme. If you've got something decent in your hands commit to it.

So whatever you do commit yourself and figure out something about WHY you are doing this and WHY you'll never quit.

(3) Team

It takes all kind of people to make one world... you can have top leaders, leaders, rookies, brats, thugs, bullies, followers, super stars.. doesn't matter.

Do you trust your sponsor? Do you trust that your sponsor is going to provide help and support?

Most important factor: if you need help, you should be getting some. Period. Doesn't matter if they are all-star members or beginners. What matters is that you get the right information (No mistakes here), how to work and make things happen.

In my opinion, a good team is one that is in Phase 1 (see reference here) and helps you get in Phase 1.

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The Highlights:

  • Creating success to the masses and train to become master marketers.
  • Ability to create multiple streams of income on complete autopilot that is laid out systematically.
  • High Volume traffic resources that brings more leads and sales.
  • High quality training and professional trained business coaches and assistants to upsell your prospects without taking a percentage of the sale
  • Real time campaign tracking to avoid loosing and wasting money on what is not working
  • Daily live marketing training so you know what to do inside your business.
  • Weekly live new member training that will create a culture that your team will feel a sense of belonging-ness.
  • Customize a team resource page, so they know who their sponsor is and someone to contact in setting up their business.
  • Huge Community of Support
  • Available to the masses!
  • The latest cutting edge technology to create a winning funnel formula for the new marketer to the advance making high converting funnels online.



Have you ever heard these words in network marketing?

- I'm going to try and see how it goes

- I'm going to crush this thing!

- I'm gonna be rich!

- Let me see if there's a better way

- I'm going to do something better than these guys

- How much people did you invite?

- My downline isn't doing anything

- I was analyzing everything that was going on and I think...

These are patterns in which you can see where a person is at in his or her business.

PHASE 1 - Excited, have no clue what is going on but keep on recruiting, telling everyone and getting more excited and share his/her enthusiasm!

PHASE 2 - Management, check his/her backoffice every day, every hour, keep asking their downline members how much people they brought, but didn't bring anyone themselves. Keep on training their people and stopped (or almost) recruiting.

PHASE 3 - Analysis, knows everything, the compensation plan, the rules, think that the company should have done this or that.

PHASE 4 - Blame the product. Blame the prices. blame the leadership, their upline their downline and blame themselves for even doing business and QUIT!

Truth of the matter is, you need to go look in the mirror. You are both the problem and the solution.

Here's 5 tips that you have to decide upon:

(1) To stay in PHASE 1, get excited and produce, stay in the Game!

(2) People do what you do, not what you say.

(3) "Leaders" are not going to join your business and make you rich. You need to build your business, care for your members (but not that much) and leaders will pop up.

(4) A business is not an overnight success. It's a marathon. Keep on reading and listening to success and information to improve yourself. Most importantly: apply what you've learn!

(5) If you feel you're slipping to Phase 2 to 4... go back and read first tip!

The past week in our main company, we had a product launch. Great product by the way and the entry price point was so low that it would have been easy to think that this would sell like hot-dogs.

Being an experienced marketer, I knew one thing. Always test first before joining with both feet.

So I created two landing pages, added some retargeting and tracking technology, made sure that if I send 10 000 people to that page, it would convert at least 10%...

The hard truth was: less than 1%, 845$ spent in reliable ads, and no sales.

Good news is, that I can track and reach all unique visitors (over 6200 people) back to any information that I want thanks to retargeting technology.

Two lessons here. If I would have spent 10K in advertising + no retargeting technology, I would have lost everything.

Always test small and make sure that:

1. Your page converts well enough (at least 10%. 20% is very good. 30% is off the charts)

2. Your page always contains retargeting technology to track your visitors on your landing page, then on your thank you page so that if your conversions sucks, at least you get to have a second chance. Also add google analytics to both page and track conversions.

3. Try different source of traffic. If you're doing paid advertisement with banner ads, you're most likely going to end up on cold traffic. Your page must match the targeted audience and have just enough information for them to take action for working with you. Your gauge is point #1. Your results in sales depends on how congruent your landing page was with the sales page AND if your sales page is enticing enough for your visitors to buy.

Finally, if you didn't make any money with your advertisement and get horrible conversions, it's time to get back to the drawing board. Don't make the mistake of doing more that doesn't work.

If you get a return on investment after spending 100$-500$ and you either get even or have profit, then it's time to push the pedal to metal and pump more money in advertisement to scale up your sales and profit.

Not sharing this information with you would be plain crazy:

do yourself a favor and go through this information.. you'll learn a whole lot more than trying to figuring it all out by yourself. Inside there's more information about an Epic 8 hours webinar that I've attended which go through all this stuff in great details when it comes to landing pages and the 3 kind of traffic you're sending to a page AND what works and doesn't with that traffic.

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