At Empire Network Alliance, we have a credo: Create. Share. Succeed.

What does that mean?

You need to CREATE perceived value, so that you could SHARE (using Marketing Strategies) in order to create compounding SUCCESS.

Basically, you need to add value to people in order to write your own paycheck. Help people by offering solutions that solve their problems. They also need to perceive the value in what you have to offer as a person and with your solution.

It's all done by the way you communicate your information.

Here's 7 ways to Create Perceived Value which is brought to you by Eric Tsai from Design Damage.

1. Communicate Like How You Would Speak


If you want people to like and trust you, start by communicating like a normal person in a one on one plain English.

The key is to make your communication frictionless and easy to understand since everyone is not your customer so speak to people about what they want to talk about, in the way that they want to talk about it.

It’s not about being perfect but being authentic and on target to appeal to one market at a time.

2. Create Self-Contained Concept of Your Content

By making your content self-contained, you can reduce complexity while maximizing understandability especially when introducing a new product or a new idea.

This type of content should be modularized, to the point and does not take a lot of time to consume.

First introduce it by bringing the concept to the table then explain it in a practical way that conveys the outcome that your prospect want and finally connect the dots for them and wrap it up.

3. Look For Pain And Urgency

When people have unmet needs they become more idealistic about their situation.

Not only will they believe that they know what they need to solve the problem but will start to think in simple terms to get to their solution.

Focus on delivering simple action steps that would provide the result they want predictably and consistently with as little risk and hassle as possible.

Do you know what thoughts, emotions or pictures pop up in their head when they encounter that exact pain or problem?

Connect on high pain and urgency values will instantly grab their attention.

4. Translate What You Do With What They Value

Realize what motivates your customers is one of the most effective way to get them to take actions. You must be able to communicate the value of what they want and realize the meaning of their desire outcome and its direct impact to their lives.

Translate it in all 3 currencies they want: monetary value, time investment value and labor/workload value.

5. Use Powerful Reframes To Increase Understandability

Leverage psychologies, histories, insights and stories to frame your content into high perceived value formats. Involve their situation in multiple perspectives will dramatically increase the specificity of your communication.

It will also likely increase the memorability and appeal of your products by structuring and organizing them into alternative frameworks that eliminates misunderstanding. It’s saying the same thing in many different ways.

6. Provide The Why, What and How To’s

In order to do that you must be on top of your customer’s emotional drivers knowing what benefits they’re looking for and what value meanings to them.

Incorporate the why, the what and how into your stories.

Explain to your customer why they should pay attention to you right now then introduce what it is, the actual product or services they’re going to get, and finally how to get the result they want with what they get, the step by step recipe.

7. Minimize Risk, Maximize confidence

Getting customers to take the action to buy is about making everything “believable.” It is not simply about taking all the risk out but just enough that it doesn’t seem too good to be true.

It’s leading with the giving hand, earning trust over time and building reputation slowly via social proof.

Allowing your prospects to come to their own conclusion that leads to their own decision is a very powerful confident booster.

It’s both emotional and psychological commitment.

The take away: People want stories, techniques and someone that “gets them.” High perceived-value communication should include all those ideas. Then you roll them up in an easy to digest package full of incentives with the promise of great value.

Give your market what they want and you will be rewards with brand loyalty and market share.

At the end of the day it’s ok that you don’t speak to everyone, you only need to resonate with those that get you that you get them.

Effective marketing is not about manipulation, it’s about being human, it will multiply your sales.

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I watched this video today and I thought it was inspiring.

I remember when I first started bodybuilding.. didn't know a thing about lifting weights, had a very thin body, no confidence and the whole difference from that point up to the moment I reached my fitness peak.

Sonny never trained of his whole life until he reached 40 years old... he's 70 years old now and you can see the difference of what happens when you take consistent actions and being persistent.

Your business (or future or career advancement) works the same way. You can pay the same tuition fee as anybody to join the gym.. but you need to work hard to get desired results.. or you can stay on your couch at home thinking about the gym.

You're in the game for real or you are not. You can have success or you can make excuses.. but you can't have both.

Ask yourself this.. if you're currently stuck in a rut, what can you DO (at least ONE action) today, consistently everyday (or 2 days) for the next 1-2-5-10-20 years to change and enhance your current situation?

There's many ways you could interpret what is going on in this video.

There's ONE thing that do make a huge difference:


Good Karma, money, love, compliments, a tap on the back..

You could either BEG for this to happen... and get next to nothing.

- OR -

You could give without asking anything in return and receive much more.

Yours in Mastery,

You could know everything about your products:

- How great they are.

- How it outbest the competition.

- How much money people can save using your product.

- How much this product could do a difference to another person.


Now here's the kicker:

People buy because of how you make them feel.

Here's the 2 secrets: 

#1. Ask questions and be interested.

People love to talk about themselves and what's going on around them.

There's a simple formula:


Family. Organization. Recreation. and your Message.

Family: Ask about their family, what their kids are up to, where are they at?

Organization: What's up with their work? How's everything? What's happening there?

Recreation: What do they do with their kids, outside work, what's fun for them?

Message:  See Secret #2

#2. Share a Story.

Whether it's your own personal experience with the product or other people's experience. This will have more impact than anything else.

Stories are what kept humanity alive and kept growing for centuries and your prospect will entirely be enticed to hear a story than facts and figures. "Facts Tells. Stories Sells".

Bonus #1: Closing the sale.

If you've adapted your story based on the answers you've got, it's a good time to ask if they want to buy.

Bonus #2: Follow up.

If you didn't make the sale on the first run, they will say YES after 5 to 12 NO's. Make sure you've taken notes and continue to build your relationship with that person next time.

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